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Our Policy

Quality Policy

ARCS bases its existence by providing dependable and competent service which consistently exceeds the needs and expectation of its customers.

ARCS aims to remain the first choice of its customers by:

Objective development and innovation throughout the organization
Accepting the changing needs and expectation of its clients
Adjusting to meet those needs and expectations through continuous improvement of its quality system
Timely services delivery
Ensure services at optimum cost

This requires the active participation and ongoing commitment of all employees to high standards of health safety and environmental protection, dedicated to the highest standards of ethical business practices and to be responsible, honest, trustworthy and conscientious team members. The system is designed for continuous improvement adapting to the needs and expectations of the clients and changes in rules, regulations and legislations.

It is mandatory and binding upon all employees to comply with this policy, all other policies, procedures and instructions given from time to time. Quality and safety is the responsibility of everyone working for and on behalf of ARCS.

Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy

ARCS places the highest priority on Health, Safety and Environmental Protection which is paramount to the overall success of the company. The company’s personnel at all levels shall be fully committed and motivated to fulfil the objectives of :

Providing for safe practices and safe working environment
Establishing safeguards against all identified risks
Continuously improving the safety management skills
Commitment towards protection and enhancement of the environment
Follow procedures laid down by the company for Green Initiative
Handover to the next generation an environment better than we received

To meet this requirement ARCS not only complies with mandatory rules and regulations, but also takes into consideration of all applicable codes, guidelines and industry recommended practices.

Health, Safety and Environment protection is the concern of all and to this end ARCS is committed to making all personnel more safety conscious and encourage all to become actively involved in identifying possible hazards, implementing corrective action and constantly monitoring all facts of their working environment.

Learning is a never ending journey to the road of excellence and effective training is fundamental to the company’s business and its safety culture. As our standards improve, new goals and targets will be set which all personnel shall strive to attain.

Ethical Policy

ARCS aims to pursue the business with integrity, respecting the different cultures and the dignity and rights of individuals wherever we operate. We promote universal respect for the observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all, without distinction as to race, gender, language or religion. In our actions and dealings with others, we will :

Respect the rule of Law
Promise only what we expect to deliver
Fulfil our obligation and commitments, treat people according to merit and contribution and never deliberately do harm anyone
Act in good faith, use company assets only for furthering company business and not seek personal gain through abuse of position in company
We will respect the law in the countries and communities in which we operate.
Fees and services rendered by third parties, including agents and consultants, must be for legitimate business purposes that are demonstrably commensurate with the service provided. We will not choose business partners who contravene these commitments

ARCS aims to conduct its business with utmost professionalism, honesty and integrity, while conforming to high moral and ethical standards and ensures compliance with applicable governing laws, rules and regulations and is committed to preventing non-compliance by promptly identifying and correcting any such situation.

ARCS believes that it is essential to act with integrity in all its activities and to treat all its employs and customers in a fair and respectful manner. Ethical conduct in all matters at all times, regardless of circumstances, is considered paramount.

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